Mar 17

Liz and the Blue Bird CM

Liz and the Blue Bird (hopefully) soon to be presented to you by Kantai-Subs.

Our translator and I threw this together as a sort of announcement of our intentions. I don’t expect to see BDs until the end of the year, but do look forward to it! And some words from aforementioned translator…

I never thought I would see anything from this franchise beyond S2, and it’s a pleasant surprise. I hope from the bottom of my heart that we can do this film and make it amazing. To those of you still here, thank you.

[Kantai] Liz and the Blue Bird CM (1280×720 AAC) [23F04C73].mkv



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  1. Zerq

    great news!

  2. Stalker Fairy

    All of a sudden:

    That being said, it’d be nice if you guys could give some form of update. I’m personally still waiting on the KanColle movie.

  3. Nat

    This is fantastic news! Looking forward to your release 🙂

  4. Charlie

    Do you guys plan on subbing the second recap?

    1. Lann094

      I’m personally not a fan of recap movies, and we kinda lack the (wo)manpower to take up too many more projects. :/

      1. dcr

        It’s more like a standalone than a full-on recap. An entire sixth of it is totally brand new stuff.

  5. URGH

    Are you guys alive?

    1. Lann094

      Technically speaking, yes.

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