Eighty Six: Episode 12

Eighty Six, presented to you by Kantai-Subs.

And so begins the first federacy arc. They may have given up on the Sawano drop but at least the lyrics are intelligible now.

Episode 12:


  1. Apart from the “could care less” I saw already pointed out in the Nyaa comments…

    15:44 – “generatepd” -> “generated”

    1. Good catches. Time to start rerunning the spell checker after the final watch changes. That additional p was definitely from ctrl+p in aegis when making the final updates.

      1. Ah, that explains it, I did wonder how the p could end up in a place like that (although then again, I seem to often switch L and S myself for some weird reason, so nothing’s impossible anymore…). Certainly a problem even the best QC can’t catch if it happens after applying any updates.

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