Love Live! Sunshine!! – Volume 01

Now presenting, Kantai-Subs’ latest project: Love Live! Sunshine!!

It’s true, this show did air almost a year ago, and it has also been done before. However, this release in itself serves as an announcement that we will be subbing Season 2 come Fall this year. After deciding on this, I believed it best to provide a consistent experience, and so we aim to complete a full release of the Blu-Rays before beginning work on S2 in October. This will be an original translation, with a very experienced team, hailing from many groups you likely already watch the releases of.

Some words from head translator:

This is quite the surprise as I never expected to work on this. I’ve been wanting to work on Sunshine ever since I finished the translation on the original Love Live movie in late May of last year and finally my chance has arrived. Shout out to Lann094 for this opportunity as this would have never happened without him. I hope this release has the same quality as the movie, if not better. Thank you to each and every single one of you for watching this.

As for all other current projects, I’ll be giving an update on those shortly, so stay tuned.



[Kantai] Love Live! Sunshine!! – Vol.1 (BD 1920×1080 FLAC)
[Kantai] Love Live! Sunshine!! – Vol.1 (BD 1280×720 AAC)


[Kantai] Love Live! Sunshine!! – Vol.1 (BD 1920×1080 FLAC)
[Kantai] Love Live! Sunshine!! – Vol.1 (BD 1280×720 AAC)

[1080p Magnet]
[720p Magnet]


    • Fuko on June 29, 2017 at 2:56 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for working on this.

    • cookie on June 30, 2017 at 12:42 am
    • Reply

    Thanks for working on Fuuka. Oh wait the anime ended months ago and you still haven’t finished it, and you’re starting a new one. Will you even finish this one?

    1. I agree fansubbers never finishing anything is frustrating, and becoming way too prevalent, but it’s our intention to break that with this project, as well as S2. Like I said in the post, we’ll have an update soon on all current projects.

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