Hibike Euphonium Volume 5


Hibike Euphonium Volume 5 presented to you by Kantai-Subs. I “accidentally” uploaded the wrong release pic so we finally have a good release pic for Hibike.

[04:25] <o0oo> I just wanna make a marika waifu deck
[04:25] <o0oo> because she’s best nisekoi by far
[04:25] <Xenath3297> marika sux as a waifu
[04:25] <OblivionShadow> what
[04:25] <OblivionShadow> what
[04:25] <OblivionShadow> what
[04:25] <Xenath3297> shit tasted o0oo strikes again
[04:25] <OblivionShadow> marika is worst
[04:25] <OblivionShadow> like I’m not gonna argue best girl but marika best girl…


[Kantai] Hibike Euphonium – Vol.5 (BD 1920×1080 FLAC)



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