Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Take On Me

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Take On Me presented to you by Kantai-Subs.

It’s been almost 5 years, 4 and some change, since I’ve made contact subject 296. The subject, a young female, around 15 years old, still a first year in high school. She’s been prescribed to what is dubbed 8th grade syndrome where she has delusions of grandeur. Attempts of gathering a cause behind her syndrome proved rather futile as she believed she was some sort of devilish creature with a magical eye, dubbed the Tyrant’s eye. The name was developed by another investigator that was looking into her case and was widely accepted as a coined term for both for her so-called delusion and the “disease” subject 296 has been showcasing. After some investigation from the other researcher established that she was in a relationship, I started to draw more reasonable conclusions as to how to cure the disease. There was a partner of mine helping with the investigation, but soon grew tired of my antics and suggested I shoot the subject in the head and be done with it. Realizing that I couldn’t complete the project without him, I complied.

Fast forward several years later, I get a tap in the shoulder and it turns out to be subject 296. With a gasp of bewilderment, shivers were sent down my spine as if I just saw a ghost. She looked remarkable, but didn’t even have a scratch on her. The subject acted as if nothing happened and started telling me what happened during the past several years. I contacted my partner again and he was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe it either. As she was telling me what was going on, I started to draw reasonable conclusions about how to cure her syndrome and make sure it never resurfaced again. But then again, the more I listen to her tale of wandering all around Japan with her significant other, the more I realize that she doesn’t need a cure and would be happier as is. Maybe I was the crazy one after all and wound up just embracing subject 206. She was surprised, but smiled all in the end. Deep down, it was my selfish desire to find a supposed cure that probably didn’t even exist to begin with. Wish I knew that nearly 5 years ago.

The reason why I took the case involving subject 296 still bewilders me even to this very day. Perhaps it was my selfish desire to find the supposed cure. Or even my own arrogance in my ability to tackle this particular case. You know what they say about hubris. Maybe it was to imitate the other investigator and join the greatest. Who knows at this point? I smiled and told the subject to live life the best she can and until we meet again if we ever do. Then I proceeded into the sunset and proceeded to meet my partner for a nice evening meal at a local pizza joint in Florence, Italy where our next case is. I finally came to terms with the case.


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